Viewing of the Suite cameras is password protected and available from 8am – 10:30pm every day.

Please contact Page Point Pet Resort for your password. Phone: (919) 647-9692 Email:

  • Our cabana and villa suites allow you access to see what your fur baby is up to in their suite. After they have settled in, we will send you an email on how to access their webcam.
  • Webcam access is from 8 am-10:30 pm in our Cabanas and Villas only.
  • The password is case-sensitive. Please make sure you type it exactly as you see it in the email that you’ve received from the resort with no spaces.
  • At times the app may have glitches. Please check the website first to see if you can still access it via our website.
  • If it is after hours, you can reach out to our third party partner, Online Doggy at 303.805.4034 for after-hours support and leave a message. They do monitor phone voicemail and will reach out to you as soon as they receive the message. It may be the next business day.